Creating and sustaining community development and economic growth through the arts in downtown Zanesville and surrounding communities, our area artists are involved in education, outreach, and cultural enrichment. 

President:  Kristen Brown,, 740-607-8560
Vice President:  Natasha Oliver,
Secretary: Shane Boal,
Treasurer: Gregorio Biolcati Rinaldi,

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About Us

Dear ArtCoz Members,

Art COZ is an organization of integrity and inclusivity and will not tolerate acts of racism in any form. We are a diverse group of artist who do not discriminate against: race, background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or faith.

This organization strives to bring the people of our community together through the love and celebration of art. We support Black Lives Matter , the LGBTQ community, and all the diverse lives of our members.

Now is not a time to divide. Now is a time to unite and stand up against racism. Now is the moment to create art that will bring light and heal the wounds caused by these hateful times.

We hope that you will join us in our stance and rise above hate.


your ArtCoz Officers